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Holiday is Almost Over


We have less than a month to go and our long holiday will be over. Wow! I can’t believe that it’s going to be finally over. But then, I’m also thankful that we’re going back to work next month.

I’m thankful to God that on our 1 year break we were able to rest, spend time with family at the same time, we were able to travel to different countries. We didn’t go for an RV holiday since we dont’ have that here in the Philippines nor Malaysia. But it’s quite an interesting holiday and it’s only now that I know that one should have and rv insurance for this.

Anyways, I’ll have to enjoy the rest of the weeks and savor this holiday.

Coffee Time


I just love to drink coffee may it be the regular instant coffee or brewed. But recently, I’ve been enjoying using my Mom’s coffee maker. You see, my brother gave me a Vietnamese coffee a few months ago, but wasn’t able to enjoy it since we didn’t have coffee maker at home. But now, I can’t seem to have enough of it because the vietnamese coffee really tastes soo good!

But sad to say, our coffee packet is almost empty. I just hope I get to see my brother again so, he can bring me more of Vietnamese coffee.

Children's DVDs and Games


Cogon Area. The Haven forĀ  DVDs and VCDs. We just went there this morning and saw that indeed there are a lot of DVDs there. They even sell titles that haven’t been shown in the theaters yet.

We just went there to buy some cartoons for our li’l ones. We won’t get all these when we get back to Thailand since everything there will be Thai. Our li’l boy wanted the JollibeeĀ  and Barney Vcds. It’s good that he already knows what he wants even at the age 2. I’m sure he will also want some xbox games when he grows up. But I won’t think about that yet at this time.