Missing Ukay Ukay


I miss Ukay Ukay shopping. For those who don’t know, Ukay Ukay is the term Filipinos use for the second hand items sold at the markets. Ukay means ‘to dig’ as you literally have to dig through the ‘mountains’ of clothes to choose the best item.

Ukay items are a lot cheaper than the brand new ones but as they are becoming more popular and more organized, their price is also increasing. Like for some shops, you don’t have to ‘dig’ through the pile of clothes anymore as they have already been neatly hung on the racks.

Here in Thailand, many of the 2nd hand clothes have already been washed, scented and ironed for ‘immediate’ use! LOL! Anyways, I miss Ukay ukay shopping and hopefully, I can get to shop next time. I plan to do ukay ukay shopping after I lose some of my excess weight. It’s nice to shop for smaller clothes since there would be more choices.

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