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Be Careful


We really to be very careful with the medicinal products that we purchase. It’s just now that I’ve heard about the possible side effects of Accutane and was surprise that this was suppose to be a treatment for severe acne. But instead many people experienced some injuries like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis. But if you or someone you know are experiencing these diseases, then better get a lawyer and file for an Accutane Lawsuit or Trasylol lawsuit .

Now, with this news, I’m having second thoughts of buying that slimming coffee. I better do more research about it first.



HVS of Hyperventilation symptom has is a My cousin has just been rushed to the hospital the other night. He had difficulty in breathing and half portion of his body was numbed. After bringing him to the emergency unit with medical computer carts . He was checked and assessed. The hospital they actually went was already full. The attendants gave him the option to go back home and just be monitored at home. But since it seems that he has breathing problems, Hubby and friends brought him to another hospital to be admitted.

Praise God that he is alright now. It’s my first time hear about HVS and found out that this is not life threatening but more of a frightening experience for the patient. The patient usually thinks that he/she doesn’t have much oxygen and therefore gasp for more air. And because of  over breathing, this causes the patient to be dizzy and the body numbed. This symptom is usually caused by stress or fear. This almost has the symptom for panic attacks.

More Missed Opportunities


After working long hours last week to finish all my writing tasks, I felt to so drained that I didn’t even bother to check the deadline of my other writing assignments. It was only yesterday when I thought of checking my other assignments that I found out I actually missed writing a few of them.

As you can see, now I regret missing the writing opportunities. The money earned could have added in my savings for the end of the year. Sigh!

If I were in high school or college, I could have never missed a deadline. I used to be a very good student who always submits papers on time. There were no term paper writing services yet during my time . With the writing companies available online these days, students can opt for getting these services to help them out with non plagiarized term papers.

Anyways, I hope that I would never miss another writing opportunity next time. I think I should seriously do my writing assignments immediately and not wait for the last minute in order not to miss deadlines. Well, I’ve been telling this to myself a lot of times but I still never go to implement it.