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I Await for my Galaxy Y


Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 MORE PICTURES

When we were in the Philippines, my friend was selling the Samsung Galaxy Y at a very cheap price. I don’t know where he got his stocks  from but most assuredly, they are brand new and genuine. After knowing that the same brand and model would cost almost double of its price here in Hatyai, I then decided to order from him. But we had to come back to Thailand, so I never got hold of the product because its shipment was delayed.

But just a few days ago, I heard that my phone has arrived and its now in the hands of my mom. Now, if only we could get a faster and cheaper way to ship that phone to me. Hmm.. I better find out if anyone from our place is travelling to this side of the world, so he/she can bring my phone with her.  I hope I can find that someone.. never mind if I have to give him/her a duncan yoyo as a reward, I’m just excited to get hold of my new phone. :)

iPad 2 vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1


After seeing a real ‘tablet’ and reading a lot of posts about its usefulness for homeschool and such, I’ve been desiring to have one. I thought it would be a great tool for my kids’ homeschool especially my preschooler who’s having a hard time navigating the mouse during his computer time ( Starfall , Zoodles) . I’ve also been drooling at the ebooks and different apps available for me and my daughter. Oh and this is much better than the Kindle. Hubby also encouraged me to save up for a tablet first instead of a DSLR. ouch! But that was easy for him to convince me.

So, while I’m praying and saving up for a tablet, I did a bit of research on the different tablets available in the market. I checked on Asus Transformer, Blackberry Playbook, Acer Iconia Tab, iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. And you could guess that I got quite confused with the last 2 devices. They are almost similar in price, functions and specifications. When I googled on which device is better between the two, it seemed like there is a great debate ( or rather war) between the two. But as I read on and watched a few youtube videos ( comparing both), I’m leaning more towards the Galaxy tab. It does seem that the tab has features that appeal to me more ( personalization, better video and photo quality, better web experience because of flash). The iPad’s major strength ( I think) is its sturdy and sleek design, better control ( touch screen) and the hundreds of thousands apps available. As for the apps, I’m sure android will catch up on that and I sure won’t have the time ( and the money) to download the hundreds and thousands of apps.

So, Galaxy Tab it is.. and I hope I can have the $$ to buy one.. :)