I Love Terminal 21


Terminal 21 is now my favorite mall. We’ve only been there once last week during our trip to Bangkok, but I just love my experience in being there. Since I’m not a shopaholic, it’s not the shopping  that I love there.. nope, they don’t have cheap bargains and for the record, I didn’t even buy anything there. We only had lunch at Pier 21 and watched a movie at the 5th floor.  But you know what I love most at Terminal 21? It’s their interior concept.. yeah, they’ve designed their mall with the concept of ‘travel’. So every floor ‘takes’ you to a different country and they’ve been quite consistent and successful with that.

Anyways, if ever we go back to Bangkok again, I would love to visit Terminal 21 again. Maybe linger a bit more, try the other restaurants, watch a movie… and do a little bit of shopping perhaps? :)

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